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God’s very own perfect mistake

I have always thought that I am a medical marvel. I don’t see well, I don’t hear well, I have a sensitive skin, stomach issues, joint pains and many more. I am not 60. I’m not even 50. I am not even 40 yet. Not yet! Oh, I forgot about my trigger finger issue. That was the only time I have ever cried, fearing the loss of my hand.

Have you ever had one of those laptops where most of the keys don’t work, it gets overheated, it’s battery dies in half an hour and the USB doesn’t work etc etc but you still keep on using it. Well, that’s how my body is. Every doctor I go to points me to a defect. Some can be fixed, some cannot.

But I still keep on using it (my body, not the laptop)

I went to an eye doctor earlier this week and he told me there’s tension in my eyes. Tension! My eyes are tense.. Really!?!! And yesterday I went to the ear doctor and she told me there’s trauma in my ear. Trauma! Yeah! And then there’s my jaw which makes a clicking sound. The dentist said it’s TMJ, another one said it’s dislocated or something. 😢 😔

I would’ve been stressed by all this but ever since my trip to the hospital all this feels normal and a teeny tiny bit funny. Ironic actually. That we put so much effort everyday towards having a good life and materialistic pleasures and our own body is so fragile and mysterious. I mean half the time we don’t even know what’s wrong and where and how much!

Update – after writing this blog I went to the eye doc for further tests. I have my reports that I’m not able to “analyse” by myself or with help of Google. So will know more tomorrow when I visit the doc. Wish me luck!! 🤗

5 responses to “God’s very own perfect mistake”

  1. Humans are expert at adaptation. I pray that what cannot be fixed can be worked around with adaptations!

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    1. Hope for the best!


  2. I’ve got a trigger thumb, I’ve had it for six months and I noticed the other day that I don’t bend it anymore. Like murisopsis states, you adapt and keep going. 🙂

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    1. Oh! Take care. Finger stretching exercises helped a lot in my case.

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      1. I’ll have to try that


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