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I don’t have enough thoughts (to post)

So, I was sitting in my chair and I thought to myself that I have set up a blog (read diary), so I should write about something. But it looks like I don’t have as many thoughts as I thought I had. Yuppp. Just because this is a blog, I am struggling to find my thoughts.

I mean I can go on talking about my thoughts. Typing those out is no challenge either. It doesn’t take me much time to go on a verbal diarrhea. I am the living embodiment of blah blah. My head is literally the place where one thing leads to another and it leads to a fuck up. See I diverted into a different road there.

So, getting back to not having enough thoughts to post, I’m narrowing it down to deep rooted vulnerability. Everything I think is either too random or unrelatable to put it up for people. I know, I know, I can put it up for myself but there is something called approval, that people crave. I mean, I’m sure, one reason for putting all this in words and posting is to find a teeny tiny bit of approval from the “community” in terms of views and likes.

I maybe don’t want to be in that vulnerable space where what I write (or think) is not good enough. Another thing is, I don’t want to have a reason to stop. I do enjoy typing out exactly what I’m thinking without editing, kind of a no filter mode for writing. Maybe I don’t want to post, because I don’t want to stop posting and I just made a post about thinking about posting. Living embodiment of blah blah.

PS: Like, comment, subscribe and hit the bell icon (I don’t know how it works here so using what I’ve heard on youtube). Just kidding. Please read and enjoy this post, I’ll somehow survive.

One of the thinking spots.

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