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The beginning of what?

Before you start reading the below chat, let me set a little background. This is set in 2012, in a world devoid of Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, OkCupid, Coffee meets bagel, Grindr, Match,, blah blah blah. Well I exaggerate a bit, there were a few, but for a fact you just didn’t swipe and get laid almost a decade ago. You had to go through the pain of approaching a person, taking an interest in their interest (or faking an interest), meet for coffee in a well-lit place, have a few dates, chat, call and what not. This is one such chat between two almost strangers who work in the same office but never got a chance to speak, before he decided to resign.

He was shy, reserved and a notebook good boy next door. She was fierce, outgoing, sweet one moment and absolutely bitter the next, a notebook Gemini. So here goes below, a WhatsApp chat from 2012 between an awkward guy and a weird girl.

12 Aug 16:56 – She: Coffee?

12 Aug 17:01 – He: M out right now
12 Aug 17:01 – He: Had some work

12 Aug 17:01 – She: I dint really mean right now
12 Aug 17:02 – She: Let me know when u r free

12 Aug 17:11 – He: LOL.. Okay


12 Aug 21:36 – He: Where are you abhi?

12 Aug 21:38 – She: Home

12 Aug 21:39 – He: I thought u worked late

12 Aug 21:40 – She: Not always. I sometimes have a life.

12 Aug 21:40 – He: Lol

12 Aug 21:41 – She: We can catch up for a walk if u want. I am nt a big fan of coffee too

12 Aug 21:41 – He: okay.. That saves some money too..

12 Aug 21:42 – She: you’re so cheap

12 Aug 21:42 – He: miser at heart.. Can’t help

12 Aug 21:42 – She: Its fine with me… I guess, I understand

12 Aug 21:43 – She: you coming right now?

12 Aug 21:44 – He: Hehe.. Yeah..

12 Aug 21:45 – She: Hhhhmmmmmm

12 Aug 21:50 – He: So?

12 Aug 21:51 – She: Sure. Let’s meet up.. Where?

12 Aug 21:53 – He: You tell where.. I have my bike

12 Aug 21:53 – She: Meet me near CCD?

12 Aug 21:53 – He: Which one?

12 Aug 21:54 – She: the one near the lake

12 Aug 21:55 – He: I’ll be there in 5.


12 Aug 23:52 – She: I have never walked so much and enjoyed it too.

12 Aug 23:55 – He: Yea? It wasn’t that long a walk was it?

12 Aug 23:56 – She: look at the time… yes it was

12 Aug 23:57 – He: the lake is a good place to walk..

one can at least talk otherwise in the traffic and congested roads its bad

12 Aug 23:57 – He: But yea now that I see the time it was pretty long

12 Aug 23:57 – She: I guess I liked the company


12 Aug 23:59 – He: So what do you have in mind?

Like what did you think when you asked me for coffee?

Don’t want to sound boring but just so that there’s no misunderstanding

13 Aug 00:00 – She: I don’t know….wanted to have a conversation wid u since long… i know u are leaving in few days..

13 Aug 00:01 – He: Who knows where future lies
13 Aug 00:02 – He: But now you know I don’t talk much

13 Aug 00:03 – She: I can make u talk.. pretty sure abt it

13 Aug 00:03 – He: Haha
13 Aug 00:05 – He: I don’t know you very well…

have only seen you around office a few times

13 Aug 00:06 – He: So I thought I will ask you what you what you have in mind

13 Aug 00:07 – She: to be honest, I have had a crush on u
13 Aug 00:07 – She: But then as u said, we have not interacted much. I dnt mind getting to know u

13 Aug 00:08 – He: Feels good to hear. I’m blushing

13 Aug 00:11 – He: Thank you for the compliment.

13 Aug 00:12 – She: Its not easy to get a compliment from me.. I’m sure, this you must’ve heard about me

13 Aug 00:12 – He: Haha.. I guess for now let’s keep it simple…

let’s meet some more without thinking too much

13 Aug 00:13 – She: Oohhh… typical guy statement

13 Aug 00:13 – He: Lol

13 Aug 00:13 – She: Well…I don’t mind that

13 Aug 00:14 – He: Yea because our brains aren’t equipped for permutations
13 Aug 00:14 – He: We can think in straight lines…

Women can think in circles hexagons triangles etc etc

13 Aug 00:16 – She: I can’t even try to argue with that.

13 Aug 00:16 – He: Hmmmm….

13 Aug 00:16 – He: I got to go. I’m going to Delhi for a few days

13 Aug 00:17 – She: Be back soon
13 Aug 00:17 – She: I want to talk more (to u)

13 Aug 00:17 – He: Yea okay…I also will pack a bit

13 Aug 00:18 – She: Go go…pack

13 Aug 00:19 – She: And just one thing…lets just keep this between us..I dnt want any unnecessary attention..

13 Aug 00:22 – He: Yea yea don’t worry

13 Aug 00:23 – He: I won’t talk abt it…

anyways there’s hardly anyone so close to me who would know you

13 Aug 00:24 – She: I know…but I don’t want random people to comment on whatever we have or will have or wont have

13 Aug 00:24 – He: Yea I understand. I won’t like that too

13 Aug 00:24 – She: Now go pack
13 Aug 00:24 – She: And eat something.

13 Aug 00:24 – He: Yea eating now.

13 Aug 00:25 – She: Bye

13 Aug 00:24 – He: Bye


So that was the first of the many (or few) chats they were going to have. What do you think? Will they end up together? Or are they too much of a misfit? Do you think it’s a beginning to something good or will this fizzle out?

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