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🌬️What is in the air these days 🌫️

Is it just me or are you also feeling a nip in the air? Isn’t it too cold for October?? And how come so suddenly summer has turned into winter. Till yesterday I was turning on the fan and suddenly I’m wearing layers today. What is happening?

I’ve heard of those weather phenomenon EL Nino, LA Nina, grand solar minimum and all but haven’t been able to understand them fully and how it really affects weather in different parts of the world. Maybe this is an appropriate time to get to it.

And then there’s so much talk about climate change but it is becoming more and more evident everyday. As you know I just recovered from an intense dengue fever, which I also attribute to weird weather. It was raining here in October. October!!! That’s not something you can prepare for. The intense summer in US and UK, the random storms and forest fires, all point in that direction.

I can sit and complain (which I love to do by the way) on how the onus lies on governments and corporates but there is something we can do. Creating awareness is one. Sustainable practices is another. Contributing to green spaces is another. The way we travel, the resources we use, recycling, and so many more things that are a part of our daily lives can contribute in so many ways.

I don’t want to sound preachy and honestly I don’t feel I have the right to but I feel the least I can do is point it out and make a conscious effort. Because I feel these extreme weather changes and I believe lot many do too. And it is starting to get uncomfortable.

3 responses to “🌬️What is in the air these days 🌫️”

  1. Climate change is happening! But we are blind and act helpless. But even one little step is better than nothing…

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  2. Im grateful for the post. Really looking forward to read more. Really Cool.


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