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Secrets, lies and life around it

Do you have a secret that no one knows of?? Something you’ve stored in the deep bottoms of your heart?

What prompted this?? Just another one of those thoughts that turn into a verbal outrage. And also, I’ve had some time on my hand to think and pen this down. So go on, read, and please tell me your experiences!!

We all have secrets but usually somebody is your confidant to share those. Maybe your mom, dad, best friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, your life partner or just a random stranger on the internet. Right?
I wrote a short story recently exploring a similar theme. But that was more on the lines of adultery, which is its own kind of secret.

He pulled her close, held her face in his hands and kissed her. She reciprocated. How could she not. She had been flirting with him since the day they met. What started as harmless tease was now becoming a passionate affair.

Guilty pleasure

What I’m wondering here is however, more broader universe of deceit. For example have you ever stolen something, maybe money, a dress your roommate had, earphones from your brother? Or passed an exam through unfair means, cheated on your partner, kept a secret bank account, taken credit for something you’ve not done and things like that etc etc.
I’m not saying I’ve done either of these nor am I denying those. Well honestly, I have my fair share of secrets and I’ve learnt to live with them. For now. But I keep thinking if the “guilt” has faded permanently or is it going to come back and probably at a worse time. I mean, I understand the concept of death bed confessions but what’s really the point. I believe when you tell somebody something wrong you’ve done to them, you are not relieving them. You are actually relieving yourself of the guilt. For them, it’s an extra burden that they have to bear because of you.

And then there’s the whole find a fix thing. How do you mend or correct what you’ve done. What is justified as an amends and who decides. There is a law but legality and morality don’t always necessarily agree. It’s not you who gets to say ki here – it’s mended now and I’ve apologized or whatever.

Plus, it is a lot of work to keep a secret. In a way you are kind of putting in efforts to protect somebody from the truth. That was a load of crap though in an attempt to justify something wrong.

And to tell you something, my partner believes in the concept of “ignorance is bliss” which is a little bit bliss for me as well (just kidding!!). But it’s still work!! And then there’s the hypocrisy bit. You expect people to be honest to you but don’t want to be honest towards them all the time.

Anyways, don’t want to make this a lengthy post. It felt good to write all this down and get it out of system a bit. It’d be good to hear if you struggle with similar things as well. Do share your thoughts!

14 responses to “Secrets, lies and life around it”

  1. No secrets. I have learned that it is safer not to have secrets – no guilt, no deceit, and definitely easier on the brain cells! So I don’t have any personal secrets BUT I have on several occasions been entrusted with secrets…

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    1. Oh my!! That’s refreshing! I can’t imagine that.. Must feel very light ☺


  2. You have to have a sharp memory to hide a secret or to speak lies.

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  3. I know people are like be honest but some secrets should not be said out loud it really depends on the situation

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    1. I understand what your trying to say but do you want to give an example?

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      1. There are some secrets which can hurt the people we love and even though I know I have no right to hide things as important as that and pretend I know best for them. But its human instinct to not tell them those things.Idk if this makes sense


      2. Yeah.. I know.. Secrets that won’t help anyone even if you tell them

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  4. “Little secrets grow upto be big lies” unknown.

    In anybody’s life there are two kinds of secrets one that can be revealed and the one that is buried when one dies.

    Thank you my friend.
    Nice read

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    1. I like that perspective!! Something to take to the grave

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  5. Re “my partner believes in the concept of “ignorance is bliss””…
    Unfortunately, and as you know, “ignorance is NOT bliss” because ignorance of reality (truth) is intrinsically non-adaptive in an environment of ruling psychopathic predators (i.e., the controlling powers-that-should-not-be). It lowers a person’s chances of survival. Ignorance is disempowerment. Truth is empowerment….. eg see “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room” at


    1. Thanks Stefanie.. I’ll check out the link. I do agree ignorance is not bliss but I guess for some people truth is too much to handle..


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