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I’ve waited for eternity
To live through this day
I’ve longed for the feeling
To just hear you say

I’ve been angry
I’ve been sad
I’ve been crazy
I’ve been mad
I’ve felt devoid of emotion
I’ve been stripped of all I had

But I knew this day would come
When you sit across from me
Like I once needed help
You too would need mercy

You’d beg and cry
You’d deny and deny
Where life has brought you
You couldn’t justify

And I’d rest in peace
On that fateful day
On you knees bent
Save me, you’d say

I’m not sure where this came from 🫣because I don’t really have hard feelings towards anyone or anything but the words just came out like that. I’m not going to go into the spiral of trying to figure out if I do have repressed feelings and if I need to fix it and what not. And I know this doesn’t follow any rhyming scheme or any form or anything but this is how it came out and it took like 10 minutes to write. I’m not judging myself for this one 🙊


13 responses to “Closure”

  1. And this is the real form of poetry!

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  2. Many times I have written something and it’s not about me at all. Just words came to my head. So I think I understand what you mean about this poem

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    1. Thanks for your comment.. That’s very comforting! I’ll come check out your blog soon


  3. We are sponges – we observe and listen and absorb it all. As poets the muse gives us a squeeze and out pours all that we have seen filtered through our personal experiences… There is real emotion in this one! Absolutely don’t fret about it!!

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    1. You’ve explained it so well!! ♥


  4. It was beautiful. It oozes emotional angst.

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    1. Thank you! I’m still wondering where the emotion came from

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  5. So heart touching! Nicely written!

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  6. Beautiful and sound cathartic. I love when poems pop out and gifts us woth insight! Nice!💕

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    1. I agree with you totally!

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