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The day after yesterday

Here’s the second part to my previous fiction. Although both can be read independently but you can read the first part of this story here.

I remember lying helpless on the floor and closing my eyes to wait for death. I remember looking at myself from a distance with bruises all over and trying to figure out what the hell happened. What the hell happened last night. But I got no answer, none. I spoke with Kat like I always do. She told me not to worry and that this was maybe just a bad dream. But how did I  end up with bruises? Did I scratch myself? I felt crazy.
The morning went by in a blink and I carried out my list of Saturday chores.

And then it happened again. The same flashes appeared in front of my eyes but they were accompanied by a strange shadow this time. The shadow hovering around the glass box as if casting a spell. I couldn’t breathe. My chest tightened and I fought for air. I fell to my knees and was trapped in a glass box. A suffocating glass box, filling up with water. I felt the cold shiver up my legs raising rapidly towards my neck. I gasped for air as the water was up to my face and suddenly I saw something move behind the glass cage. I took one last breath and surrendered to fate as the strange face stood in front of my glass.

I woke up with the voice of Kat telling me to wake up and stab the doctor in front of me. The doctor was telling someone that a cleaning lady found me unconscious by the sink in the kitchen. Kat whispered in my ear that they were all lying and I should just pick the scalpel and stab them all. I calmed her down and asked the doctor if I could go home. They had already called my emergency contact, my brother to the hospital and the doctor said he would be picking me up. I did not trust the doctor. My brother lived miles away and I felt fine enough to leave on my own. They wouldn’t let Kat take me home, which I felt weird. Something was going on here. Something did not feel right. As soon as the doctor left my room, I pulled out my IV and hurried toward the door. To my surprise, the door won’t budge.

They were keeping me here against my will. Kat told me to kick the door but she can get a little more dramatic. I pressed the nurse call button but she wouldn’t let me leave. Kat panicked and told me to bash her head against the wall. I wanted to get out of this prison. I pushed the nurse aside and ran hard through the halls towards the exit. A guard tried to stop me and I swung my scalpel across his face. I did not remember picking up that scalpel. My hospital gown was now soaked in blood and I could hear Kat grinning. “I am crazy,” I said out loud. “You’re not crazier than I am” Kat replied.

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