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Pain and painkillers. And how many painkillers can you safely take?

So I wanted to ask, how much of painkillers can you safely take. There are two things – one why am I in constant mild pain and two – is it ok to take an over the counter painkiller?

Coming to the first one, I am constantly surprised by the pains in my body. Something hurts all the time. But why!! That’s not normal, is it? Something or the other hurts. And it makes me cranky. It’s not even related parts of my body. Someday it’s the head, someday it’s the stomach and someday it’s the legs.

And the second one, when things hurt I feel like taking a painkiller or having some alcohol. I think I have accepted being an alcoholic as long as I’m not messing up my entire life but painkillers are something I always feel guilty about. It just is so comforting to pop a pill when you’re hurting and then the pain goes away.

I mean I don’t take it often because of the guilt thing but I’m more concerned about myself because of all these random pains. Should I get it checked and if yes, what do I tell the doc? That my body hurts?

My parents have no such inhibitions regarding meds. They take antibiotics like skittles and I’ve always been sceptical of medicine. Probably because I don’t fully understand how it impacts the body.

Anyway, I thought asking random strangers on the internet was a better idea than visiting a specialist so I thought I’d ask here!!
Do you take painkillers and how often?
And is it normal for a 30 something in her prime youth (lol) to feel random pains?

11 responses to “Pain and painkillers. And how many painkillers can you safely take?”

  1. My best advice is to go see your GP or PCP. Even OTC drugs can be dangerous if the wrong dosage is taken. Good luck!

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  2. I’d be more concerned that your alcohol consumption is causing the pains – especially in the stomach and head… Treating the cause is always better than treating the symptoms. Of course when consulting with a doctor you have to be completely transparent and tell them your full medical history, Hiding alcoholism could be ultimately very dangerous as some medications are contraindicated when consuming alcohol – in any amount!

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    1. Thanks Val. but doesn’t everyone have a glass of wine now and then? And should I be asking how much wine is safe to drink?


  3. Nope, Not Pam Avatar
    Nope, Not Pam

    You need to see a doctor. Only a doctor can advise you if everything’s ok. I do take Panadol and anti inflammatories, but I’m diagnosed with osteoarthritis, and their prescribed.


    1. Thanks Pam! Will do. And take care of yourself too!

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  4. I think we should go to the doctor because taking painkillers is not good.👍

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    1. That’s absolutely correct. I did go to the doc and he prescribed painkillers. It turned out to be kidney stones but hey I have a blog I’m about to post on that!! Thanks for the good advice though!

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      1. I know it’s a blog and I didn’t advice you I just told we need to go.🥰🥰🥰

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