Out in the world 🌎 like nothing ever happened

Hello hello!! How are you all doing? I know I’ve been away. Sorry about that, but I swear I am doing my best trying to catch up on things. It just feels like suddenly everything has picked up and life’s back to hectic. The pandemic is still on, right?

Everything is happening right now. We’re traveling a lot, so many family functions to attend, everyone’s getting married or having babies, offices are opening up, everyone’s visiting everyone and there’s so much to do (again!!). and what about me? One – I don’t know where my weekends are going. Two – I don’t know where my weekdays are going. And three – yet I am “accomplishing” nothing! At least I have a lousy excuse for the weekdays – “work” is taking up all my time.

I know why the office has been hectic. I have two new bunnies to “mentor”. Well, they are alright, but it takes up so much time and energy. And it’s been so long since I was a new joiner, I have forgotten the issues of being the junior most in the team. Plus, there’s this heatwave going around which is making me a hothead, pun intended. And I don’t want to lose my temper on two new people who’ve just become part of my team over a silly question or just because I am “not in the mood”. That’s been keeping me busy during the week. But I am amazed at how my weekend just passes by like a flash of lightning. And how I can be restless even after a relaxing long weekend. There’s got to be something wrong with my generation.

But I am more amazed by the pace at which we all are moving these days. I keep reading everywhere that the pandemic is far from over, but it sure doesn’t feel like it. I am enjoying travelling and staying at random hotels without carrying everything from home but sometimes I can’t help but wonder – dint we just have a huge wave three months back? And now we’re acting like nothing ever happened, no masks, no sanitizers nothing. Just to be clear, I am not saying people should not go out or wear masks all the time. Even I have become reckless. But I am just saying be cognizant and aware of what we went through the last couple of years. I am also reminding myself, I guess.  Stay safe, take care of your loved ones and enjoy the new earth 2.0!

6 responses to “Out in the world 🌎 like nothing ever happened”

  1. We’re living with the pandemic … except those who just happen to die. I suspect their families aren’t so pleased about the blasé attitude, but at least the economy is recovering. ☹️

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    1. You’re absolutely right.. . I just wish there was a better way to do this.

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  2. I still mask in the grocery store. My husband thought it was silly of me but then he was the minority being unmasked! We are going to travel but I’m planning on precautions because the last thing I want is to get sick while on vacation!

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    1. Oh yes absolutely! I’m glad that people around you are wearing masks.

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  3. Relax and chill my friend.
    no worries!

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