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Sorry I’ve been busy!!

About last couple of weeks. Things have been pleasantly hectic. With wedding season on peak, we got to attend a few. Well of course I looked gorgeous because of the immense beauty that God has bestowed upon me (lol..just kidding.) I was tired and this is the moment my husband picked to take a nice picture of me.

That was about last weekend with a little bit of overflow into the week. Then the week went by very very fast as we had a trip planned for the same weekend (Friday night actually).

✈ 🛬 And here we are. In one of my most favorite places – Goa 🏖
Our trip has just started and we got sloshed on the second night in Goa.

The next morning we took a hike to Butterfly Beach which was serene.

We had our breakfast at Agonda Beach. Complete chill vibes. And then we came to Patnem Beach and decided to walk towards Rajbagh Beach. We came across this area in between which was absolutely out of this world.

That was about me. I’ve not had much time to read what you guys have been writing and I promise I will get to that soon but please leave a link if you want to share something with me. And bear with me while I invoke my spirit animals in Goa.

10 responses to “Sorry I’ve been busy!!”

  1. Enjoy 🍸

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    1. Thank you! Cheers 🥂

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  2. Looks like a beautiful area! Enjoy the vacation and don’t worry about WP – we’ll all still be here when you get time!

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    1. Thank you! Can’t wait to be back!


  3. Looks like you are having a nice time!! Enjoy!!

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    1. Absolutely! It’s a nice place. You should visit sometime!


  4. Love the clicks.
    Have a great time my friend!

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  5. Have a pleasant time! Enjoy❤

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