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2 Ways Bullies Search for and Groom Potential Targets

When bullies search for targets to bully and think they’ve spotted a potential, they will groom the potential target to test the waters and see if the person is an easy target. They groom you before the actual bullying starts. The grooming techniques may occur only once or numerous times. So, how do bullies groom […]

2 Ways Bullies Search for and Groom Potential Targets

I found this intriguing.. Specially in a workplace setting because those Bullies are harder to avoid. And coincidentally I came across a few people I follow share about bullying which made me realize that this happens to people of all age and across geographies. It’s no more just a playground thing. It has become a manipulative thing.
The more I read up about it, curiouser and curiouser it gets. It has an arm in narcissism, a leg into depression, another leg in aggressiveness, crime and even serial killing. And it’s evolving. Into cyber bullying. In my case this was absolutely relatable to an office bully and I shared this piece with a few unlucky others who are being troubled by the same bully. Hopefully we’ll all stick together and get through it.

6 responses to “2 Ways Bullies Search for and Groom Potential Targets”

  1. Great article, I’ve been bullied but they lost interest when it became obvious I didn’t care, that and the fact I stood up in the front of everyone and told them if they kept it up I was putting in a harassment suit against them

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    1. Wow! That’s brave of you

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  2. I’ve been following Cherie White for a while now. She has really good insights into the motivations of bullies as well as different strategies to recognize, avoid, and survive bullying. Sorry to hear that you a experiencing it. I survived and I hope you can step away from your bullies.

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    1. Thank you Val . I remember your latest incident and you have more than survived it! It just gets too annoying at times


  3. Indeed,bullying is evolving.Cyberbullying is the new trend, and it is quite difficult to control,though many speak out against such atrocities. Nice article! 🙂

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