Happy birthday you stupid dum dum

It’s my best friend’s birthday today (well…it’s one of my best friends). Yeah I know, who even uses terms like best friend to categorize people anymore. Well I do and I hope my “best friends” do too.

Sit up straight!

So here’s a picture of this dummy on his birthday with a mustache man on his face coz privacy and all.. but I did want to do a little PDA (only once ok, this is not happening every year – just re read this post on your next birthdays, you dummy)

And the blog is the perfect place to do it because we’re kind of co-owners of the blog and if it ever make a dime I’ll have to share the profits with him.
He’s the counselor/marketing dude and I’m the surprise surprise – writer/ content creator.

But he’s my rock really. He’s a personal cheerleader, no matter how stupid my achievements are. He constantly roots for me. And also I can just ramble about anything to him. And I am glad to have him in my life because he’s aging as fast as I am! And I wouldn’t trade him for all the treasures in the world (but maybe for a laptop because I really need one).

Happy birthday you stupid fool! I love you. Get old faster so I can make fun of you! 🍻 🥃

4 responses to “Happy birthday you stupid dum dum”

  1. Hehe! Sounds like a wonderful friendship!

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    1. Thank you! We’re both very lucky ☺

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