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Boredom, Depression, Stress and Meditation – A Tuesday royally wasted

What a weird day. I took a comp off today (a comp off is basically you taking a leave after working on a holiday). And I really thought it’d go better. But it didn’t. I realised, once again, and in vain, that I’m stressed about my work. And also I get depressed when I’m bored. And I get bored easily.

If I’m not doing three things at a time, I get bored. So I did get bored by afternoon today and started slipping into depression (pardon me for using the term lightly here). And once that happens my mind starts running in all random directions. And that hurts.

So I thought I might as well try some yoga and meditation.

It did not help.

All through my meditation I was thinking of things that were going on in the office. And trust me, I am not even in a high stakes job. It’s just useless random office politics stress and other garbage.

It could also be the weather. There’s so much pollution in Delhi right now that it’s difficult to breathe. The weather is depressing.

And so my meditation was ruined. Even Sri Sri couldn’t calm me down. Now I’ve moved on to music with ‘Girls like you’ playing as I type this out with Imagine Dragon next in line.

It’s not looking good but God I hope I get over this. There’s so much to do this week! Uugghh..

Thanks for reading the rant and please suggest some good remedies if you can. Anything would be appreciated.

4 responses to “Boredom, Depression, Stress and Meditation – A Tuesday royally wasted”

  1. Go for a walk, find a spot to chill. Just you and nature.

    Delhi’s pollution is worrying though. I saw that air pollution declined when COVID came, I can’t believe we are going back to this.

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  2. Thanks. Will go for a walk in the morning. The sky was so blue last year in lockdown. I can’t believe it too


  3. Well you’re on the right track with Imagine Dragons, as they say, it’s ok to be not ok 😁

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