Almost ran out of blood in my body

It has been a difficult week for me and I should also say my husband. What started with very high fever last Thursday, ended with a hospital trip and a very excruciating week.

I am home now..well..not my home but my in law’s place. Will be home soon hopefully and return to some sort of normalcy. After running high fever of about 103 – 104 and a series of blood tests, I tested positive for Dengue. I know! Such a poor man’s disease. I mean not that I wish for a fancy disease but when you tell somebody I had dengue, you suddenly get a third world country vibe. And more than that it feels funny that a mosquito bite sent you to the hospital. I did not actually plan on getting admitted and thought could manage this at home but man! things escalated fast! And really went down a hill.

The weird thing with this dengue is, you actually get deadly sick once the fever is over and you feel you are getting better. Which is what happened in my case. My fever got better but my platelets declined significantly. It was around the 6th day of fever and I could feel the discomfort my body was going through. We decided to finally go to a hospital.

The first hospital we went to, diagnosed that I needed immediate medical care but unfortunately they didn’t have any beds. So we went to the next hospital and were lucky enough to get admitted into emergency (no sign of getting a room though). But they started the diagnose and treatment etc. Just to give you an idea my platelet count was 19,000 which usually for a healthy human is around 200,000 and in dengue usually drops to around 100,000. And this along with low blood pressure is a severe stage of dengue called ‘Dengue Shock Syndrome’ which apparently can be fatal.

Anyway, the hospital acted fast, started me on IV fluids and next in line was to get a donor for blood transfusion. I must’ve been one of the few fortunate people on this planet who get the opportunity to oversee search for their blood donor. But things were better from here on. Got blood timely, started recovering and was discharged within few days. Oh yes, the insurance claim settlement took an entire day (but that’s a separate story) and also I was in a sharing room in the hospital (that’s another very long separate story).

I am back and I missed you all. I hope you missed me too. I know I’m supposed to get life altering revelations out of this incident and maybe I did get a few but for now I’m taking it slow and not trying to analysing what has just happened.

Taking it easy and thanking the universe for sparing my life!

5 responses to “Almost ran out of blood in my body”

  1. I worked with a researcher working on Dengue. Not a disease to trifle with!! And those mosquitoes don’t check addresses or bank balances!!! Go glad you are on the road to recovery. Take it easy and get stronger soon!!

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    1. Thank you so much! I honestly thought I’d be able to recover by myself but now won’t recommend that. Thanks for your kind wishes 🙂


  2. Glad that you are back safe and sound.
    Thank God!
    Take care my friend

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    1. Thank you so much! You also take care friend

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