My day with creepy crawly bugs πŸ˜’😭

I’ve had a slightly terrible day. And I say slightly to sound modest. I’ve had a horrible day. I have a fear of bugs and lizards. I found these small little black bugs in so many places today, I literally cried. Yes, with tears. On my bed, curled up like a ball, I cried for no reason.

It’s been more humid than it usually is in my city. I get it. I love a good monsoon. But I hate these things that come with a prolonged monsoon. I hate these little black bugs 😣

Last night I found them in a box of spices (I don’t know what Dhaniya powder is called in English) but I’ve never seen insects in spices. Today morning I found them in a bag of flour (which was sealed by the way). In the afternoon I found them in a bottle of cashew nuts (which I had to throw away). And few hours back I found them in a box of soybean. I mean come on, what do the bugs need protein for? Are they going to participate in some post monsoon wrestling after eating every damn thing in my house.. Uuuggghhh!

And now that my day was full of bugs, I’m sure my night will be full of nightmares. After all this, I won’t be able to close my eyes and not imagine bugs crawling up my leg. Because why not, they’ve had my flour, my nuts, and soybean so they might as well drink my blood.

I’m too young for this crap! I am not liking this grown up shit. I miss my mommy. When she used to manage the house, I never had to deal with bugs or dustbins, or cleaning the bathroom or throwing away drain hair (throws up a little in a corner)

I am really hoping that putting all this down here will give some relief and I’ll be able to get some sleep because I have to get up really early tomorrow for an “important” business meeting and they’re not going to fall for an excuse again. Good night folks 😴

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