Remind me, to forgive

If I can ever forgive you,
For the horrible things, you did to me.
Remind me, to stay true.
Dear love, if I can ever forgive thee,
Remind me of the wounds, old and new.
Darling, remind me, who were we.

This was written in response to the End of Summer Scavenger Hunt Challenge . Thanks to Val for inspiring this. This is a Harrisham Rhyme on the topic of Forgiveness. This form is a little tricky in that there is a rhyme scheme of A/B/A/B/A/B for the end words of the 6 line poem AND a catch at the beginning of each line. That catch is that the last letter of the first word of the first line becomes the first letter of the of the first word of the second line, this pattern is repeated for each line.

I know I’m little late in posting this and I ask for forgiveness here but I’ve had a very hectic second half of August. I also wrote another one before this but I forgot that it had to be on the topic of forgiveness. Nevertheless, still wanted to share it.

Get set, go

As the going get tough,
Slow and steady wins the race.
When the weather gets rough,
Navigate through life with dignity and grace.
Expect every lie, call out each bluff
Trust you instinct and you can conquer every space.

7 responses to “Remind me, to forgive”

  1. I love this first one! And although the parameters were set for August, there are no hard and fast rules… But I have to say that the poem on forgiveness is very good – I have to say I love the second one! If you hadn’t told me they were Harrisham rhymes I wouldn’t have known!! They are that good!!

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