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Karmic account and one grocery delivery!

Something very silly happened yesterday that provoked this thought of what affects my “Karma”.  I don’t have a great understanding of the concept as I am not a very religious or deeply spiritual person. But I do somewhat agree to the idea that what you send out in the world is what you would get back.

Wikipedia mentions Karma as - The spiritual principle of cause and effect, often descriptively called the principle of karma, wherein intent and actions of an individual (cause) influence the future of that individual (effect)

Simple enough, right! Now let me tell you what happened yesterday. I had ordered some groceries. Well, a little more than some. I planned to stock up before the “third wave” of the pandemic hit us.

We live on the fourth floor of a building that doesn’t have a lift and when we usually order things, delivery isn’t a hassle. Limited hassle I’d say.

So this delivery guy calls me, saying that he was outside my house with the order. I checked, he wasn’t. I told him that he has maybe gone to the adjacent building by mistake. And that’s where he started cribbing, that he would have to climb down four flight of stairs and climb up another four flights. And, he asked me if I could come down to collect my order.

I told him it is a huge order and it would not be possible for me to come down and pick up everything up, back to my house. I feel bad for the guy, but honestly it would not have been possible for me to pick up all the rice, flour and other grocery alone for four floors. And this order was not from a small shop where a poor guy with limited resources was struggling to get those things up. It was from a big online grocery chain whose day to day activity was home delivery of these products.

Well, after a little bit of more discussion he did deliver the goods and left without even ringing my doorbell. But, I felt bad for the situation. And being a slightly selfish person, I wondered if I was at fault and if this would affect my Karmic account. I think intent holds an important place in calculation of karmic account. And honestly, my intent was not for that person to suffer.  But it was just unfortunate that he went to the wrong building despite the building number written outside the building in bold letters.

Anyway, I thought typing it out here will help me deal with the teeny tiny bit of guilt I am feeling. If nothing else, I’ll get a piece of blog out of this.

Do you have any such incident where you felt guilty of something like this and wondered if it will affect your karma?

2 responses to “Karmic account and one grocery delivery!”

  1. Yeah we do face some situations where we don’t have anything to do but just feel guilty… nice post

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    1. Yeah, I guess it is one of those! Thanks for the support ☺

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